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Below you will find our General Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply each time you place an order with Veteran Style or use our web shop, and contain important information for our customers. We advise you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions. We further urge you to save or print these conditions so you can consult them again at a later time.

IMPORTANT: Do note that these General Terms and Conditions are a translation of the General Terms and Conditions for Dutch webshops and that some Articles may differ from Terms and Conditions your country and/or region hold as the norm.


Article 1              Definition

1.1 Veteran Style: Situated in Tilburg (The Netherlands) and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under registration number KVK 60986700. Financially active under the name Veteran Style. 

1.2 Website: Veteran Style’s website and associated sub domains. The website and sub domains can be accessed via http://veteranstyle.com.

1.3 Customer: The natural person or legal person who engages in an agreement with Veteran Style and/or who has registered on our website as a customer.

1.4 Agreement: accords and agreements between Veteran Style and the Customer, of which the General Terms and Conditions form the foundation.

1.5 General Terms and Conditions: The present General Terms and Conditions provided here.

Article 2              Applicability General Terms and Conditions

2.1 The General Terms and Conditions apply to all special offers, agreements, and deliveries and shipments, unless specifically agreed upon differently in writing. 

2.2 In the event that the Customer implements deviating regulations regarding the agreement or General Terms, or implements regulations that are not stated in the General Terms and Conditions, then these deviating regulations are only legally binding to Veteran Style in so far as Veteran Style agreed on said deviations in writing.

Article 3              Prices and Information

3.1 All prices listed on Veteran Style’s website or prices indicated on any other materials from Veteran Style include VAT and other government-sanctioned taxes.

3.2 The customer will always be timely informed about shipping costs before the agreement is closed. Moreover, shipping costs will be indicated separately from the total sum of your purchase. Shipments costs will be indicated in accordance with this Article, even if shipping costs are included in the price or when your order is free from said costs. 

3.3 The information provided on the website has been carefully compiled. However, Veteran Style cannot guarantee the information’s accuracy at all times. All prices and information on the website and other materials from Veteran Style are subject to the reservation of possible errors.  

3.4 Veteran Style cannot be held responsible for possible colour deviations of your products due to the quality of your computer screen. 

Article 4              Agreement Conclusion

4.1 The Agreement is concluded when the Customer accepts the total sum of their purchase, and when the customer satisfactorily meets Veteran Style’s conditions. 

4.2 If the Customer has agreed on their ordered products and the total sum of their purchase electronically, then Veteran Style will electronically confirm the Customer’s acceptance. The Customer is allowed to dissolve the Agreement up until the moment of Veteran Style’s confirmation of the Customer’s acceptance of the Agreement.

4.3 Veteran Style reserves the right to adjust prices if the Customer provides Veteran Style with incorrect information during the concluding phase of the Agreement.

Article 6              Agreement Implementation

6.1 As soon as Veteran Style receives your order, it will be shipped to the order address as quickly as possible. See also article 6.3 for further terms and conditions with regard to shipping. 

6.2 Veteran Style reserves the right to involve third parties with regard to the acquittal of the obligations that emerge from the Agreement. 

6.3 The website contains clear information regarding delivery methods and when the products are to be delivered. This information is to be considered as the prime mean of informing you on delivery procedures before the Agreement is closed. In the event that the Customer and Veteran Style have not agreed upon a specific delivery time, the products will be delivered within 30 days. 

6.4 The Customer will be timely informed if Veteran Style is unable to deliver your order within the agreed upon time frame. Consequently, the Customer can then either choose to agree on a new date of delivery or dissolve the Agreement free of charge.  

6.5 Veteran Style advises Customers to thoroughly inspect their ordered products and timely notify us, preferable by phone or email, on any defects you may have noticed. For further information, please consult the article concerning Guarantee and Conformity. 

6.6 As soon as the products have been delivered to the delivery address, all warranties concerning the products are transferred to the customer.

Article 7              Right of Annulment

7.1 If the Customer is a natural person whose actions are not based or do not find their origins in their profession, then the Customer has the right to dissolve the Agreement within 14 calendar days. Dissolving the Agreement is free of any charge.  The Customer is charged only with the costs of returning her order. 

7.2 During the annulment period, as described in 7.1, the Customer is responsible for the condition of the items and the packaging. The Customer is allowed only to open the package and use the products only for the purpose of determining the nature, the characteristics, and the functions of the products. 

7.3 The Customer is allowed to dissolve the Agreement in accordance to Article 7.1 by either returning the parcel within the time frame described in aforementioned Article, or by notifying Veteran Style that the Customer is no longer interested in the products and will return the order as soon as possible after notification thereof.

Products with received document from Veteran Style, can be returned to:

Veteran Style

Kunnekestraat 21-01

5011 EL Tilburg

7.4 Any advance payments done by the Customer will be refunded as soon as possible, or within the maximum time frame of 30 days after the Agreement is dissolved.

7.5 The website contains information applying to the Right of Annulment and other procedures. The Customer should consider this information as a timely notification of the Right of Annulment before closing on the Agreement.

Article 8              Payment

8.1 The Customer is expected to pay Veteran Style according to the selected payment method during the order procedure or according to the other payment procedures listed on our website. Veteran Style is free in choosing which payment methods are available to Customers. These payment methods may differ from time to time. The Customer will be provided with general information regarding payment methods in a timely manner and before Agreements are closed.  

Article 9              Guarantee and Conformity

9.1 Veteran Style sees to it that she meets the following criterions: 

- Veteran Style sees to it that the products and/or services meet the standards of the Agreement.

- Veteran Style ensures accurate product specifications the specifications as described on our website.

- Veteran Style meets the requirements of the products’ quality and usability. 

- Veteran Style ensures that her products and services meet the requirements as set out by legislative measures and Government conditions on the date of closing the Agreement with Customers.

- If and insofar as is agreed upon in writing, Veteran Style also guarantees that her products can be used outside of the boundaries of normal use. 

9.2 Guarantees provided by Veteran Style, manufacturer, or importer do not modify the legal obligations or claims of the Customer on the basis of the Agreement. 

9.3 If and insofar as the shipped products do not meet the requirements outlined in the Agreement, the Customer is obliged to inform Veteran Style of any product defects in a timely manner. 

9.4 If Veteran Style deems the complaint to be backed up by sufficient evidence and therefore grounded, then the products can be repaired, replaced, or refunded. The compensation/refund is equal to the price the Customer paid for the product and/or repairs.

Article 10            Complaints Procedure

10.1 If the Customer has a complaint about a product (in accordance with Article 9) or a complaint with regard to other services provided by Veteran Style, then the Customer can file a complaint either by phone or by email. Contact details are provided at the bottom of the General Terms and Conditions. 

10.2 Veteran Style will try to respond to the Customer’s complaint within 2 weekdays. In the event that it is not possible to provide the customer with an appropriate response to her complaint, Veteran Style will nonetheless confirm that the complaint has been received. Consequently, Veteran Girl will provide the Customer with an estimated time frame in which the Customer can expect and appropriate answer with regard the contents of hher complaint.

Article 11            Personal Information

11.1 Veteran Style processes the customers’ personal information in accordance to the guidelines of our Privacy Policy, which can be found on our website.

Article 12            Final Provisions

12.1 The Agreement is subject to Dutch law. 

12.2 If the rules of binding law do not mention otherwise, all disagreements arising on account of the Agreement will be submitted to the Dutch judge of the legal district in which Veteran Style is situated. 

12.3 If a clause in Veteran Style’s General Terms and Conditions is nullified, then this does not affect the overall validity of the General Terms and Conditions. In this event the involved parties are obliged to come to a new Agreement, which will be as similar to the original Agreement as legally possible. 

12.4 In writing: ‘in writing’ in Veteran Style’s General Terms and Conditions also entails electronic communication in the form of post or email, but only if the identity of the sender and the integrity of the email has been sufficiently ascertained. 


Contact Information

You can contact us either in writing or by email if you have any further queries with regard to the General Terms and Conditions listed above.

Veteran Style (Part of Cose della Vita)

Kunnekestraat 21-01

5011 EL Tilburg

The Netherlands