De Witte Anjer, The White Carnation,

De Witte Anjer, The White Carnation,

The Dutch national symbol White Carnation,

Foundation White Carnation calls to wear a white carnation to honor veterans in the Netherlands. The flower was a sign of protest in Dutch society in 1940. Now the carnation placed on the left breast, symbol of appreciation and respect of society for Dutch veterans.

Veteran Style also has the same purpose. Expressing respect and appreciation to the veterans through clothing, accessories and gadgets.
Together with the White Carnation Foundation we are going to release a clothing line. Central to this line is the support and the white carnation. In a trendy, hip and respectful way anyone can wear throughout the year and set a trend.

During the Dutch Veterans Day 2016, the Kanjer Team Foundation White Carnation, as before with the first edition clothing line, handed out the white carnations to visitors.

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YES I SUPPORT - De Witte Anjer, The White Carnation,

The first of many to come in the collection line of the White Carnation.During the Dutch Veterans Da..

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